How do you make a circle thicker?

How do you make a circle thicker?

Can you edit circle to change line thickness?

* Use Donut command

The Donut command is used to create a filled circle or a wide ring.

After executing Donut command, we’re prompted to specify the inside diameter and outside diameter, the difference value makes the circle thickness, as shown below,

* Use Polyline command

We can use Polyline to draw a circle with line thickness

  1. Enter PL, then press Enter, then we’re prompted to specify start point,

2. Then when we’re prompted to specify next point, choose “Arc”, as shown in the following,

3. Using Ortho mode to convert the arc to a semicircle, then enter CL (Close) to make the polyline a closed circle, as shown in the following picture,

For a polyline circle like this, you know how to change its line thickness.

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