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Faster design with GstarCAD Mechanical 2023

Faster design with GstarCAD Mechanical 2023

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 has been released, featuring a wide range of industry-specific tools that help you design efficiently.

What’s new in GstarCAD Mechanical 2023?

Power Snap

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 provides designers withPower Snaps that enables designers to specify precise locations for objects, Power Snap allows users to save preset Snaps to meet various needs and users can switch between them in the middle of a command. 

Easy Import & Export of BOM/Part List

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 makes it easier for users to import and export BOMs and Part Lists in a various formats such as *.xls, *.txt, *.csv, etc.

Take your Dimensioning and Annotation to the next level

Dimensioning Tools

GstarCAD Mechanical 2023 makes dimensioning easier by setting up manufacturing-related variables, and integrates tolerance and fit list information. 

Symbols Annotation

More time will be saved on annotation thanks to over 11 kinds of symbols like surface texture, feature control frame, welding symbol, etc. What’s more, users are able to add newly created symbol to the symbol library. 

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