a CAD workstation or not?

a CAD workstation or not?

When using CAD software, we can either choose to use it on a standard desktop PC or a CAD workstation. But what’s the difference? What will we get if we use a custom CAD workstation and what will we lose if we use a regular desktop or laptop that we can get from any computer store?

Please note that 2D CAD software and 3D CAD software have different requirements even when it comes to a custom CAD workstation.

                     What designers like about CAD workstation

What designers like about CAD workstation is all about maximum performance and productivity. Where does the maximum performance come from? It comes from the components you select for your custom workstation: from processors, cores, graphic card to sufficient memory. All this has allowed users to greatly increase scene fluidity and project scale across different software platforms.

 What designers dont like about CAD workstation

It seems there is nothing designers don’t like about a custom CAD workstation except for the relatively high price. The price may be the biggest hinder for CAD workstation to become regular among designers. But a higher price is quite reasonable, you have to think of all the costs combined with better cooling, better graphic cards, better motherboard, better hard drive, better processor, yes, all the better things to guarantee CAD designers get the best experience and get their job done on time and with great efficiency. All in all, the price worth the added speed and reliability.

Do I really need a CAD workstation?

Chances are you do. Although some CAD designers insist they don’t really need a custom CAD workstation since a standard desktop would meet their needs in daily working. But very often in our daily work, we cope with extremely demanding or complex tasks and in this case, a regular workstation would be holding us back.    

I can give you another reason to skip a custom CAD workstation. When you consider buying a new workstation to accommodate your CAD software, have you thought of choosing the right software for your PC? We all have the tendency to buy CAD workstation or CAD mouse to be more efficient, but maybe what we really need to change is the expensive, slow software.  Choose the right software here with perpetual license

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