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Basics about CAD layers

CAD drawings range from the simplest with a few hundred geometric objects to the most complex ones with millions of geometric objects. To better control the display and plot of geometric objects, CAD have introduced the concept of layer. This way, CAD users can put different geometric objects on different layers and control the color, linetype, lineweight and other properties by customizing the layer properties. The properties of some CAD objects are set bylayer by default and putting those objects on the specific layers will save you time and there is no need to customize them respectively.

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What is Current Layer and Current Style in CAD and how to switch between them?

Layer is an important concept in CAD and to better understand layer and the related concepts such as current layer, please refer to the post basics about layer. The CAD program has not only current layer, but also current color, current linetype, current text style, current dimension style, current table style, etc. This post is going to explore more about Current in CAD. By default, newly-created graphics use the current format or style, for example, newly-created graphics will be put on the current layer, newly-created text will use the current text style and newly-created dimension will use the current dimension style.

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