Plot Options

Improve 2D/3D drawings printing quality via Plot with transparency and Shade plot options. With Display plot styles option you can assign different plot style tables to each layout in your drawings.

Command Preview

The command preview provides you a quick feedback of the active command. It shows you exactly how the objects will look when the Trim, Extend and Hatch command is executed. As you make changes within the command, you can instantly preview the final result.

User Interface

Ribbon, command line and status bar enhancements provide better user design experience. Show or hide ribbon to increase work space are, type any command and visualize it at command line and select a bunch of drafting options from status bar.

Section Plane

Creates a section object that acts as a cutting plane through 3D objects and saves the selected section plane as a 2D or 3D block. You can move the section object dynamically in a 3D model or in a surface area. You can use the active section to analysis model by moving the section object in the object. Create cross-sectional views that can be saved or reused.

DWG Convert

Converts one or a bunch of selected drawing files to another DWG version available. The newly generated file can overwrite the original file, and it can also be compressed into a self-extracting EXE file or a ZIP file to facilitate batch format conversion of the entire project drawing.