After we execute the MTEXT command, the upper left corner would show three letters “abc” when we move the cursor, as shown in the following picture,

From those three abc letters, we can know certain text settings such as the text height, text style, that’s why it’s called sample text.

But the CAD system won’t show sample text until we have specified the opposite corner, in the meanwhile, the command line would tell us the current text style and text height, as shown in the following picture,

If the text style or text height is not correct, we can change it by entering the parameters. By default the sample text reads abc, but we can enter system variable MTJIGSTRING to change it to whatever we’d like it to read.

After entering MIJIGSTRING, we’d be prompted to enter new value, as shown in the following picture,

For example, let’s make it “GstarCAD” , now enter “GstarCAD” and then press the Enter key,

Let’s see what happens after we execute MTEXT command, the sample text has changed to GstarCAD, as shown in the following picture,

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