-In this first tutorial let’s see how to create, insert and Edit an Excel table.

-From Express tab > Autoxlstable panel, select the Create Table command.

-The Microsoft Excel will be open automatically.

-You can make and fill up a table from scratch.

-If you already created an Excel table, just copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) it to the new excel spreadsheet.

-Go to Add-ins tab on the ribbon and press the Finish button.

-Save the current spreadsheet with a name.

-Then specify an insertion point within drawing area.

-Notice the table border is out of title block limits.

-Two edit the table, let’s click the Edit Table command on the ribbon.

-Then select the table created to open its Excel spreadsheet.

-You can quickly adjust the table cells to make it a little narrow in the drawing.

-When finish it, go to Add-ins tab and click the Finish button.

-You can save the spreadsheet modifications with same or different file name.

-Now the table in the drawing will be updated, so you can fit its position easily.

-By using AutoXlsTable, complicated table drawing becomes extremely easy and simple.

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