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How to use Match Properties in CAD?

* What is Match Properties and where to find it?

If you use any of the Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, PowerPoint or Word, you may have used the built-in Format Painter tool. The Format Painter tool is used to copy formatting from one item to another, for example, if you write the first sentence of a paragraph in Word using certain font type, color, and font size, you could copy the formatting of the first sentence of the paragraph using Format Painter tool and apply the formatting to selected text.

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How to select objects?

In order to edit CAD drawings, we need to know how to select objects. Learning how to select objects is the first step for CAD beginners, which is very important.

Selecting objects is one of the basic operations in CAD, most operations in CAD would need users to select an object before any further operations.

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Text is an important part in CAD drawings, we usually need to add text for technical description or other kinds of description, it’s very easy to get started with Text in CAD, but if you want to be an expert, you will need to know how to deal with the punctuation and special characters.

CAD system consists of Single Line Text and Mtext. Let’s start with the very basics of Text.

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How to understand the Command Line

Understanding the Command Line of CAD is important and it’ll help us improve efficiency and save our time.

There are prompts in the Command Line every time we execute a command. Some prompts are simple while others are relatively complex, but they all have the same format. Let me explain this in detail.

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What is Polar Snap Tracking in CAD and how to use it?

The dimensions we see in most drawings are about angles and length, few of us would dimension coordinates. When drawing, we tend to use Object Snap or just enter the length and when the lines of graphic objects are orthogonal, we can just use ORTHO. But what if there is a fixed or regular angle, such as 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees. That’s what Polar tracking used for.

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