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What is Polar Snap Tracking in CAD and how to use it?

The dimensions we see in most drawings are about angles and length, few of us would dimension coordinates. When drawing, we tend to use Object Snap or just enter the length and when the lines of graphic objects are orthogonal, we can just use ORTHO. But what if there is a fixed or regular angle, such as 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees. That’s what Polar tracking used for.

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Operations and concepts about CAD blocks

In our daily drawing with CAD, we usually need to insert some special characters into the drawing and therefore blocks and block attributes are needed to complete the drawing. A good command of blocks and block attributes can improve the efficiency of drawing as well as the quality of the drawing and can be important in completing complex drawings.

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Redefine Block

Now design center offers a quick way to update instances of block. Redefining a block allows you to overwrite each block instance without changing the block name, all while keeping the original block’s position. Alternatively, if you just copy a newer version of a block into your active drawing, the block will not update – it will instead inherent the active drawing’s block definition. By redefining a block, there is no need for deleting, purging, and copying.