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3 ways to modify block definition

Block is very useful as reusable contents. And when you need to create similar objects in your drawing. One of the most popular benefits is when you need to modify all instances; you only need to modify one. All other instance will be automatically updated. We will see 3 methods that you can use to modify your block definition.

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How to cycle commands

As a new or experience CAD user, you might found that GstarCAD has a lot of commands. Not to mention changing the system variables. Some (well, many…) of them have to be activated from command line.

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Dynamic Door Sample

-Previously we have created a dynamic Wall and Column that can be stretched perfectly.

-Now what we want to achieve is a dynamic door with different sizes to choose.

-We can design a door like this according to wall thickness.

-Immediately we draw a rectangle as shown.

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Dynamic Column Sample

-Previously we have created a dynamic wall that can be stretched both ends.

-Now what we want to achieve is a dynamic column with different sizes.

-We can draw a column similar like this with concrete as hatch pattern.

-If we execute “Wipeout” command and set its frame visibility “Off”

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