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How to create a dynamic block of a pig with GstarCAD 2019

2019 is the Year of Pig in the Chinese zodiac, why don’t draw a pig with GstarCAD 2019 to celebrate the coming Chinese New Year?

As long as we find the proper tools, everyone can do this within 30 minutes. Find a paper cut art image online, and use Raster Vectorization tools to transform the image into DXF files, then use Hatch, make it a block and define the visibility of dynamic block.

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Attribute Increment

Command helps to specify attribute of block with incremental value, and to modify attribute value of blocks according to the sort method. This command can increase block attribute value that contains a number or letter.


Quickly create a viewport on layout space by specifying an area in the model space. And then calculate the viewport size according to the set ratio and locate the viewport in the layout space.

Plot Options

Improve 2D/3D drawings printing quality via Plot with transparency and Shade plot options. With Display plot styles option you can assign different plot style tables to each layout in your drawings.

Command Preview

The command preview provides you a quick feedback of the active command. It shows you exactly how the objects will look when the Trim, Extend and Hatch command is executed. As you make changes within the command, you can instantly preview the final result.

User Interface

Ribbon, command line and status bar enhancements provide better user design experience. Show or hide ribbon to increase work space are, type any command and visualize it at command line and select a bunch of drafting options from status bar.


Changes the property of the selected objects to ByLayer including color, linetype, lineweight, and materials.