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How to use GstarCAD Layer walk

Have you ever get confused which created objects are on which layer? When you work with layer standard, you may have dozens or even hundreds of layers in your drawing. Finding which one sets to wrong layer can be a tedious work. Here is a tip: Type LAYWALK command to activate this tool. Alternatively, you can access it from menu: Format> Layer Tools> Layer Walk. Or access it from your ribbon: home tab>layers panel> layer walk.

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How to reference objects to file/URL in GstarCAD

In GstarCAD is possible to link an object to another file. So if you needed to see the components specifications or 3D model of a certain component from a drawing, you can add hyperlinks to an object. The hyperlinks can be pointed directly to a manufacturer website, to a word document that contains the installation procedure, or to excel file that contains product specifications as samples.

Adding and Using Hyperlink

Adding a hyperlink is very easy. Activate hyperlink from menu: Insert> Hyperlink, or from ribbon: Insert> Data panel.

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How do I pack my files with eTransmit

Do you often need to send your drawing files to your customers? But quite often they have troubles to see all drawing resource attached like reference paths broken or don’t include the plot style table, custom fonts, etc. There is a tool that can be very useful for these situations: eTransmit will pack your related files into a transmittal package. Includes your reference files, plot style table, reorganize your reference path, material textures, data link files, etc. You can open eTransmit by accessing GstarCAD menu: File>eTransmit.

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