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How to change plotter when publishing

Let’s say one day your plotter is broken and you need to publish to new plotter. Or you need to plot it on other office that has different type of plotter. Your previous setup will not work. Do you have to modify page setup for all files all over again? Of course not! Let’s see some workaround you can do.

Using DWF

DWF (or DWFx) is not only for design review purpose. You can consider to publish your drawing to DWF first, then plot it to your plotter.DWF format is device independent. You can send and plot it anywhere. If the system can recognize the plotter, you can plot it there.

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How do I do object copies along uniform/non-uniform path

Users know that array command cannot make object copies along non-uniform path. In GstarCAD, unlike array capabilities, LAYOUTBYPATH tool, distributes object copies along a path (uniform/non-uniform) with a variety of array options like: random, division and measure, and array in different directions along the path. You can access from Menu: Express Tools> Modify> Layout by Path.

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How can I align objects horizontally or vertically

Align selected objects to a reference coordinate direction is time consuming if you use move command. In GstarCAD you can use ALIGNTOOL that allows align selected objects such as: rectangle, circle, line, spline, arc, pline, block and even 3D model objects along the X or Y axis coordinates.

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How can I arrange objects horizontally or vertically

Users are tired arranging a bunch of objects manually by using move command. In GstarCAD you can use ARRANGETOOL command to quickly adjust the arrangement (vertically or horizontally) of multiple selected objects such as rectangles, circles, splines, lines, plines, blocks even texts.

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How do I use filter selection

We have discussed using Quick Select before. But there is one more utility that you can use, not as pretty as QSELECT. FILTER command offers a dialog box that might also scary when you first see it. But after you use it for a while, you may don’t want to use QSELECT anymore.

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