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Selection Cycling

With the new Selection Cycling system variable you can quickly select overlapped or coincident objects in current drawing as well as set selection cycling options.

Can my block be dynamic?

In some design, particularly architectural design, some of the blocks(furniture, television .etc) need to move or rotate the position freely in order to get a better preview. Actually, it’s not difficult so much. Today, GstarCAD brings you a practical feature_ block editor.

You use the Block Editor to define and modify the objects and behavior in a block definition. In the Block Editor, you add parameters and actions, which define custom properties and dynamic behavior.

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Learn about startup system variable

Did you notice there is a start up dialog box pops up when you first open GstarCAD software. It will make them aware to select a template before actually start to draw. Startup system variable toggles on/off the Startup dialog box to help users to setup drawing templates settings. Using this dialog box is safer.

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Ignoring object snap elevations

A frequent problem in objects snaps is the inheritance of the Z value when snapping to a point. GstarCAD addresses this problem with OSNAPZ system variable. If set to 0, osnap uses the z-value of the snapped point.

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Using file dialog at prompts

Sometimes settings (such as FILEDIA) can cause certain routines to ask for a file name at the command prompt. In these cases, you can enter the tilde ~ character followed by enter to bring up the file selection dialog.

What happened to my PLOT/FILE dialog box?

You may occasionally find yourself in a situation where the NEW, OPEN, and SAVE commands do not provide a dialog. Simply enter FILEDIA at the command prompt and enter a value of 1. If you attempt to PLOT and fail to get a dialog, simply enter ` at the command prompt and enter a value of 1.