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Archives June 2019

How to use Match Properties in CAD?

* What is Match Properties and where to find it?

If you use any of the Microsoft Office programs such as Excel, PowerPoint or Word, you may have used the built-in Format Painter tool. The Format Painter tool is used to copy formatting from one item to another, for example, if you write the first sentence of a paragraph in Word using certain font type, color, and font size, you could copy the formatting of the first sentence of the paragraph using Format Painter tool and apply the formatting to selected text.

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How to select objects?

In order to edit CAD drawings, we need to know how to select objects. Learning how to select objects is the first step for CAD beginners, which is very important.

Selecting objects is one of the basic operations in CAD, most operations in CAD would need users to select an object before any further operations.

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How to reduce drawing file size?

Tips that can help improve your CAD efficiency:

  1. Save your drawings to the latest version in your daily drawing work.
  2. Only create blocks when it is necessary; If the block is exploded when pasted, remember to clean the redundant block data.
  3. Do not use other patterns to fill when you should use Solid Fill; Do not explode the hatch pattern
  4. Do not use plugins that generate many anonymous blocks, layer filters, etc.

We can’t guarantee that every follow the above tips, so it’s better to check big size drawings we receive from others. If there are redundant data that make the file big in size, we can reduce the file size using the following method.

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How to work with blocks in CAD

When drawing or designing with CAD, we usually have graphics that are repeatedly used such as windows in buildings, nut and bearing in mechanical devices. All those graphics can be defined as blocks and inserted into the current drawings and other drawings or even used to establish a graphics library. Using the block in CAD can greatly improve the drawing efficiency and quality of the drawing. In today’s post, we are going to talk about some basics about the block in CAD.

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How to draw Polyline in CAD

We are quite familiar with line and circle, which are common concepts in our daily life, CAD has introduced polyline, which means a line consisting of multiple lines and (or) arcs. Polyline consisting of multiple lines and arcs is drawn and edited as a whole, making it very convenient to use.

If we don’t customize the setup options, polyline would look exactly like lines and both of them could be used continuously. Then is there a way to help us tell polyline from line?

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