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Archives June 2019

Fillet and Chamfer

CAD system has provided Fillet and Chamfer command to help designers work on the small angles or intersections of spare part and equipment, which are very common in mechanical design.

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Exploring the CAD Interface

For CAD beginners, the first step towards an advanced level is to learn the CAD software interface. Only when we get familiar with the interface, can we use the software more efficiently and save time.

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How to draw Polyline in CAD

We are quite familiar with line and circle, which are common concepts in our daily life, CAD has introduced polyline, which means a line consisting of multiple lines and (or) arcs.

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How to create dimensions?

Dimension is an important part in CAD drawings and there are many different types of dimension like Angular Dimension, Radius Dimension, Diameter Dimension, Linear Dimension, Aligned Dimension, just to name a few. In this post, we will introduce some commonly-used dimensions.

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