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Archives September 2018

How do I customize command shortcuts easily and faster

A faster way to invoke a command is customize its shortcut. The CUSTACC command allows you to customize, delete or modify existing command shortcuts. To access this command go through the menu bar, under tools, select customize and choose Shortcuts Customize. After that, the shortcut customize window will pop up. As you can see, there is a list of shortcuts command that you can easily modify, delete or even make a new one over an existing one.

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How to create tool palettes from block libraries

If you already have a drawing that you consider as a standard, you may want to use the blocks from that drawing. The easiest way to manage the blocks is using tool palette. So do we need to open the drawings, drag and drop each block to the palette? No way!

You can use design center and create the palettes just with a few clicks!

  1. Open design center, find your file.
  2. Expand the (+) sign, right-click on blocks.
  3. Click the option CREATE TOOL PALETTES, then the blocks in that file will be in a palette!

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How to copy relevant features from another drawing

Users will have the ability to copy relevant drawing features like dimension and text styles, blocks, layers, linetypes and xrefs from Drawing A and add it to Drawing B using DESIGNCENTER tool in GstarCAD.

1. To open DesignCenter, you can either use Ctrl +2, or go to the View tab>Palettes panel>DesignCenter.          

 2. Navigate to the drawing containing the layout tab you would like to add to the current drawing.                    

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Move objects together or edit them individually by group tool

Do you ever need to move or edit objects together but still have the need to edit those same objects individually? GstarCAD can do that with GROUPS.

Groups are different from blocks. With blocks, you can manipulate the block as a whole, and that’s it. With Groups, you can edit the object but it won’t change other instances of that group. And you can’t share groups from file to file. Making groups is rather easy. 

  1. Start the GROUP command.
  2. Fill out the GROUP NAME field (to name your group) and enter a description. If you don’t enter a description you can always fill this out later. 

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GstarCAD match properties settings

Many users already know that we can match object properties using MATCHPROP (or MA for short key in). This tool is very handy for you who want to change an object’s properties to copy other objects. But many of us don’t realize that there are some settings that we can use in this tool. It allows us to use this tool to match only a specific property. Let’s say you want to copy an object line style. But you don’t want to copy its color, layer, and any other properties.

Let’s try to activate this tool. Type MA then hit [enter].

You can also use activate this tool from GstarCAD ribbon> home tab> clipboard panel> match properties.

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