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Check Spelling

Now Mtext supports check spelling that determines whether as you type spell checking is on or off. If you are typing a wrong word, it will show a red line under the text. In addition, you can correct a word easily by selecting an alternative word from the Suggestions list or type a word in the Suggestions box.

GstarCAD Collaboration Tool

GstarCAD Collaboration Tool is an embedded plugin available for GstarCAD platform aimed to help CAD designers work together among a single referenced drawing file at the same time, control drawing revisions and manage medium, big or complex projects with ease and reliability, reducing communication barriers across different industries.

BIM Support

GstarCAD 2019 supports .IFC file format import. IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is a popular format used in building and construction industry that provides interoperability between software applications. In GstarCAD 2019 you will have two import options as “Block Definition” with high fidelity data, and import as “AEC Object” that will be supported soon.

Drawing Compare Path Input

Now on the Command Line, after executing the Drawing Compare command (-CMP), you can input the old, new, and compared drawing file path conveniently.


The new Movebak command changes the destination folder for drawing backup (BAK) files. Once you specify a path, the drawing’s BAK files is placed in that path after every save option.

Viewport Scale

The new Viewport Scale command reports the real scale of the current viewport of a selected layout through the command line.

Make Shape

The new Make Shape command creates a shape definition based on selected objects. You can create custom linetypes easily. If you create a shape that exceeds 2200 bytes of data, Make Shape creates complex geometry shapes to form a single shape.


The new Workspace command allows to create, modify and save current workspaces. You can customize ribbon or classic workspace to suit interface environment needs much easier.

Right-Click + Drag Method

The right-click+drag method allows users to move, copy or paste selected objects as block by right-clicking and dragging the objects while holding the right button down.

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Hidden Message Settings

Within the option dialog box, under “Users Preferences” tab, you can find the new “Hidden Message Settings” option that controls the display of previously hidden messages. After a message has been hidden, it can be viewed and re-activated.